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Top Performers from 2015 Jacksonville, FL Camp

Waycross Camp top performers



MVP John Jones – Camden County
Honorable Mention A.J. Bell - Charlton County,  Antonio Hamilton – Camden County,  Jamarius Stevens – Brunswick High


Wide Receiver:

MVP Miles Kelly – First Coast High
Honorable Mention Kevon Brewington – Camden County, Jacqueline Clemat – Brunswick High, Mason Yost - Bolles


Defensive Back:

MVP Kenyatta Brown Jr. – Cross Creek High
Honorable Mention Donnell Towns – Brunswick High, Eric Daniels – Charlton County, Daniel Prescott – Calvary Day


Running Back:

MVP Brandon McMaster – Camden County
Honorable Mention De’Sean McNair – Ribault High, Kristopher Maxie – Yulee High, Colin Welka – First Coast High


Line Backer:

MVP Jeremiah Littles – Wayne County
Honorable Mention Calvin Holmes – Liberty County, Troy Hamilton – Cross Creek High, Freddie Walker III – Cross Creek


Offensive Line:

MVP Cameron Padgett – Wayne County
Honorable Mention Jared AllenValdosta High, Zach Quinney – Savannah Christian, Isaiah Maass - James Weldon Johnson Middle


Defensive Line:

MVP George Mincey – Brunswick High
Honorable Mention Jacquez Cobbs – Wayne County, Samuel Trevino - Liberty County, Carlos Thomas – Camden County




Top Performers from 2015 Waycross, GA Camp

Waycross Camp top performers



MVP Antonio Hamilton – Camden County
Honorable Mention Stenson Bennett – Pierce County,  Gaven Williams – Frederica Academy, A. J. Bell – Charlton County


Wide Receiver

MVP DJ Whitfiled – Brunswick High
Honorable Mention Trenten Jackson – Wayne County, Ja’Shawn Sheffield – Jane Macon Middle, Evan Unterwagner – Glynn Academy


Defensive Back

MVP Christopher Brinson – H. V. Jenkins High
Honorable Mention Damarius Bennett – Brunswick High, Zamir Hayes – Wayne County, Aubruy Williams – Brunswick High


Running Back

MVP Jordon Turner – Ware County
Honorable Mention Shaquil Robinson – Brunswick High, Jalen McCloud – Bolles, Omar Lewis – Charlton High


Line Backer

MVP Sharrod Frazier – Brunswick High
Honorable Mention Dondre’Winn – Camden County, Rudy Nixon – Brunswick High, Kam Futch – Brunswick High


Offensive Line

MVP Kyle Larson – Glynn Academy
Honorable Mention Jared Allen – Valdosta High, John Cano – Brunswick High, Will Watson – Camden High


Defensive Line

MVP Michael Thomas – Glynn Academy
Honorable Mention Kendall Henderson – Wayne County, Trent Zeigler – South Effingham High, Jacquez Cobbs – Wayne County




Top Performers from 2015 Pooler, GA Camp



MVP Nolan Arrington – Tri City
Honorable Mention Gaven Williams – Frederica Academy, Nick Iannone – Benedict Military, and Isaac Johnston – Blacksburg High


Wide Receiver

MVP Shemar Bridges – Potters House
Honorable Mention Travis Harris – Brunswick High, Zak Netting – Mandarin High, Mason Yost – Bolles


Defensive Back

MVP DeeJay Dallas – Glynn Academy
Honorable Mention Ahad Mahdi – H.V. Jenkins, Christopher Brinson – H.V. Jenkins


Running Back

MVP Joe Burke – Beach High
Honorable Mention Jerimiah Daniels – New Hampstead High, Matthew Brooks – Richmond Hill High


Line Backer

MVP Troy Hamilton – Cross Creek High
Honorable Mention Keyshawn Dyson – Cross Creek High, Trent Zeigler – South Effingham High, Freddie Walker III – Cross Creek High


Offensive Line

MVP John Cano – Brunswick High
Honorable Mention Jared Allen – Valdosta High, David Overton – Cross Creek High, Matthew Nyce – Benedict Military


Defensive Line

MVP Alex Herndon – Calvary Day
Honorable Mention Carl Middleton – Bethesda Academy, Jacquez Cobbs – Wayne County, Bailey Clark – Benedict Military




Explosive Sports Mission Statement


Explosive Sports Training, LLC strives to develop the highest quality of student-athlete and performance to create a competitive-edge that is second to none.

Standing together, we are built on a passion for sports and educating our student/athletes who want to expand their knowledge of the game to rise above the rest and excel to their highest potential.

The experienced coaches and trainers on our staff are committed to instilling proper training techniques, conditioning, and the right motivation that our student/athletes will use to achieve their goals in life and sports.

Our efforts involve mentoring all levels of student-athletes to reach their aspirations whether it is on or off the field/court.




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